Bollywood’s very bold actress Sunny Leone is in the discussion about her biopic ‘Karanjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’. Recently Sunny Leone’s biopic trailer was released. During the trailer launch, Sunny Leone fervently talked to the media and made many disclosures. Sunny said it was difficult for her to do this biopic. During the shoot she cried a lot


During the conversation with the media, Sunny said “When I change the pages related to my previous life, then all the suffering associated with my life become green. Those who hurt me a lot. Sunny told that she had the most to cry at the time when her parents had died. Sunny told here many stories related to her life to the media. Sunny said that she decided to make a biopic, she took a lot of thinking.


In the trailer of this biopic, Karanjeet Kaur, an ordinary girl, has shown her journey to become Sunny Leone. You must tell us how you got this news. For this, you have to just like our Facebook and Twitter page. Stay tuned with the Bollywoodbug to know similar stories of Bollywood.

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