Latest Bollywood News is that Salman Khan released a new song of his last release ‘Race 3’ today. This song is ‘Ek Galti’. In this song, Salman Khan has been seen suspecting Jacqueline Fernandez and he is also arrested by police. However, later it is clear that Jacqueline was right and speaking the truth. When Salman alias Sinkar finds out this thing, he is very sad and apologizes, but Jacqueline becomes unhappy that she can not forgive him. However, seeing the expression of Salman Khan in this song, you will also realize that Salman Khan himself is also unhappy with making Jacqueline guilty.

As per bollywood Updates, this song released on the same theme has been released today. However, the film has been released a month and a half ago. We did not understand why this was the reason for doing this. However, you see this song first.


Salman Khan is the superstar of the industry. Whatever they do, there is something special. But it is surprising that what is special about it. In fact, as per bollywood news, whenever filmmakers release a song, their motive is to attract the audience to the film. Always release films and videos related to the filmmakers before releasing the film so that the film becomes an atmosphere and more and more people can be attracted to watching the film. However, it has happened in a couple cases when the songs related to the movie were released after the film was released. In the past according to bollywood updates, it happened with ‘Padmavat’ but at that time Majra was different. There was so much opposition to the film and there was a furore in the country that producer-director Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to revolt around the Supreme Court for the release of the film and after seeing the Supreme Court’s judgment, the movie could see the theater’s face. 

But with Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’, there was nothing like this but it was crazy in the fancy. Despite this, the film was unable to impress the audience and it had to face tremendous criticism. Well, maybe Salman Khan wants to give this surprise to his die heart fans or he wants to say thanks for his love. That’s why this special way has been laid out. At this time you tell me how you liked this song. Please give us your answer by writing it in the comment box and for more info of bollywood news and bollywood updates do visit to bollywoodbug blog.

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