Latest Bollywood Updates, Bollywood’s Hot Actress Sunny Leone’s biopic film ‘Karenjit Kaur: The Story of Sunny Leone’ has been released. Through this web series, the journey from Sunny Leone to becoming an Adult Star to the entry of Bollywood has been shown. Every aspect related to Sunny’s life has been shown. During childhood, Sunny Leone’s school friends had to be a victim of Body Shame and due to lack of money in the house, the whole story till it became an adult star has been shown in this web series. Along with that, a song from the movie has now surfaced.

Bollywood Updates, there are several secrets of Sunny in the biopic. Sunny has shown travel from child to porn industry and then till she is in Bollywood. However it will be released in the biopic series. It has been released on July 16. See also the first song of Sunny Leone’s biopic and let us know about how you felt it.

Bollywood News is that Critics and people are liking the movie. In this case, the makers released the new song ‘It’s Hot’. The song ‘It’s Hot’ is completely filmed on Sunny and she looks very hot and cute in the song. This song is produced by Namah Pictures and Fresh Lime Films. This song is sung by Nakwita D’Souza.

Bollywood News is that earlier, an episode of Sunny’s only brother Sandeep Vohra was revealed, which is very close to Sunny Leone. Sandeep was a partner of Sunny’s reign. When Sunny Leone was selected for the Panthouse Pet of the Year in 2013, she became a big fan following in America. In such a case, having an autograph of someone with Sunny was a big deal but for Sunny’s brother, this was a simple job. He used to take his autograph and sell his friends for $ 10-15.

Now tell us how you liked this story. Be with Bollywoodbug for such intimate bollywood news and Bollywood Updates.

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