Bollywood’s favorite Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput pair are once again in the bollywood news headlines. Meera has shared a picture on social media which is now becoming viral. This photo posted few hours ago got more than 92,039 likes. In this photo, Mira-Shahid is seen embracing each other in a very romantic way. In this photo they both look very good with each other. With this photo Mira has written, ‘Find someone you can embrace, kiss and kick. And then never let them go. ‘Mira, kapoor Find someone you can embrace, kiss and kick. And then do not let them go ‘

Let me tell you bollywood news, since the time Shahid has married Mira, till then Mira has been in the limelight for some reason. Now she is going to be the mother of the other child. Despite this, Followers on their social media are not working with any Bollywood actress. Mira also seems to be pushing her followers by posting her photos and videos. Mira is just 23 years old and she has thought of another child. According to bollywood news, she wants to be free from this responsibility as soon as possible. After that she will pay attention to her career.

According to the bollywood updates, Shahid Kapoor may be seen in the Baby Product Ad with Pregnant Wife Mira Rajput soon. Ad company has contacted them for Ad. If this happens then it will be very big news for their decision. Let me tell you, the baby shower of Mira Rajput’s were celebrate in the last month. According to bollywood updates, during this time some close friends, besides Jahnavi Kapoor, Ishan Khattar, Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor, were also involved. Mira dressed in a Floral Maxi dress at the time of baby shower. In this maxi dress, Mira looked very beautiful as usual. At present, Shahid is taking care of his pregnant wife Mira. According to the bollywood updates, Mira can become a mother in October. Shahid and Mira were married on July 7, 2015. Their daughter Misha was born on August 26, 2016. Misha is just a year and a half.


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