Latest Bollywood News, after Janhavi Kapoor, now you are ready to see another star kid in the industry. This time you will be seen on the cover page of Vogue Fashion Magazine’s August edition, Shahrukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Khan. Bollywood Updtaes about Suhana Khan is that she has made her first photo shoot for this magazine. In the very first photo shoot, Suhana Khan’s hotness will give you a crazy look. In this bold and sexy photoshoot itself, Suhana Khan is looking at the industry’s next superstar.

As per bollywood updates, prior to the release of ‘Dhadak’ before this, Janhavi Kapoor got the cover page of Vogue Fashion Magazine’s June edition. Janhavi Kapoor showed her glamorous style on the cover photo of Fashion Magazine. This time it is the turn of Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan. Suhana Khan is seen very bold and beautiful in her first photoshoot. We can guarantee that she will soon be debuting in Bollywood and we are now awaiting its announcement.

According to bollywood news, Suhana Khan is a star of the future, it is clearly visible. Suhana Khan will also be waiting for her debut on the lines of Jahanvi Kapoor and we are also uncompromising for her. 

This video and photoshoot of Suhana Khan are also liked by King Khan’s fans too. Suhana Khan is seen speaking in this video. She says, ‘Suhana Khan and I am shooting my first cover in Hello with Vogue.’ Commenting on this video, a Twitter handle wrote that Suhana Khan’s voice is good. It’s good to hear his voice for the first time.

At the moment, tell us how you got this photo of Suhana Khan. Are you also waiting for Suhana Khan’s debut? Your answer can tell us by commenting and for more bollywood news and bollywood updates, please visit again


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