Bollywood news is that the new song ‘Kamaria’ has been released from Rajkumar Rao’s upcoming movie ‘Stree’. Nora Fatehi has shown the dance move of her dance in this song, which has made headlines from the recreated version of ‘Dilbar’. Seeing this song, you will not be able to live without praising Nora Fatehi’s dancing skills. But the bollywood updates is that in the film, there was a collision in the dance move of Shraddha Kapoor. Though Shraddha Kapoor is not in this song, but in another song of the same film she has seen the dance moves. This song is ‘Milegi Milegi’ which is released just a few days ago.

As per bollywood news, but the question arises here: After all, who among these two stars has impressed you with dance? Both of these songs have been choreographed by Vijay Ganguly. The special thing is that in both of these songs, Rajkumar Rao has also seen the two dancers clashing. Rajkumar Rao has done a great job in both songs and has tried his best to match their steps with these masters. But now you tell us which of the two stars did you like the dance and who has won the other star

By the way, let’s say bollywood updates that even if Nora Fatehi has already impressed millions of people from her first song, her reverence has also been shown in many songs before her dance show and has received great commendation. In Remo D’Souza’s film ‘ABCD2’, Shraddha had gained popularity by dancing on ‘Sun Saathiya’. Apart from this, ‘Chhang-Chham’ of ‘rebel’ and the recently released ‘Nawab Zade’ song ‘Hairedated Gabruo’ will not be forgotten by you anymore.

So do not think, just vote by quickly and tell us who you think is more cute. Stay tuned in the world of Bollywood updates and spicy bollywood news and click here to read more.

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