Hollywood News about the death of Hollywood actress Vanessa Marquez in the police firing is coming out. According to the Hollywood updates, the actress had given toy guns on policemen, after which the policemen responded in suspense and fired the actress. Vanessa came to the discussion with Medical Drama Series ER. 49-year-old Vanessa had played the character of Nurse Wendy Goldman in this hit series. These series were aired between 1994 and 1997.

According to a Hollywood news of The Guardian, he shot her at the Los Angeles home. In fact, Marquez threatened to reveal the most real toy gun on policemen. In the absence of this, the police deemed it a real gun and opened fire, causing the actress to die. Everyone is shocked by this incident. Vanessa also came to the limelight last year when she told Hollywood star George Clooney was accused of being an industrial blacklist. George Clooney has been a co-star of Vanessa in the ER. Vanessa had said that George Clooney did this because he and his rest of the show’s co-stars raised their voice against the racism and sexism on the set.

It is being told that the police reached the welfare checking after calling from their homeowner. There was also a doctor with the police at the time of the incident. However, threatening by the Marquez and shooting the gun broke down and the police had to shoot her. The incident occurred in Confusion. The police could not understand that the actress is just scaring them with toy guns. Lieutenant Mendoza in Los Angeles told that the Marquez was suffering from mental problems.

It is being told to Hollywood news that the doctor who came with the police had talked to Vanessa for about 90 minutes, after which the actress seemed to be doing something right, but suddenly her mental condition worsened and she lifted the gun in the hand towards the police. . The actress’s death has taken her to a hospital.

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