Today is the birthday of South Superstar Pawan Kalyan, and his fans from the morning on Twitter are wishing him Happy Birthday. On such a special occasion, bollywood news have brought some riders of South Superstar and such an unseen photo that you have rarely seen before. Pawan Kalyan has been in the Telugu film industry for nearly 22 years and has given many bang films to South Indian films.

Bollywood news is that Pawan Kalyan is not just an actor but a well known film producer-director, scriptwriter and politician. According to bollywood updates, Pawan Kalyan also created a political party called the Jan Sena in 2014. Apart from this, he wrote a book which tells the mass army ideology in detail. The name of this book is ‘Isam’. Pawan Kalyan had emerged as idol of many stars in South Cinema, and he has ruled the hearts of people for two decades with his best contribution in South Indian films, and today even with the same speed, he is active from acting to politics in every field.

As per bollywood updates, see some of his selected unseen photos –

South Superstar Pawan Kalyan meeting with Sachin Tendulkar, Lord of Cricket, along with his wife Renu Desai.

Before moving to the film world, spending time with my friends

Pawan Kalyan in extremely thin lean on film set with brother Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan on a film set with Star Allu Arjun at the new round

Pawan Kalyan has also tried out in the field of music and has given voice to many songs in Telugu films. Happy birthday on Twitter with his fans #HappyBirthday Powerstar.

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