‘Bahubali’ actor Prabhas is the birthday next month on October 23 . This is their 38th birthday, so the fans of Prabhas expect that this time Prabhas is going to announce something new and bizarre. This bollywood news can be either of his upcoming film ‘Shaho’ or he is going to married then.

In the hearing, it is also coming that this time the family of Prabhas can tell the bollywood news of marriage on the occasion of his birthday. According to a bollywood updates statement, Prabhas’ families want Prabhas to get married as soon as possible. According to the bollywood news, Prabhas can tell the news of his marriage on the occasion of his birthday on the behest of family members.

So their fans also want the same hands as soon as Prabhas married soon. But it depends on Prabhas what he wants.

The bollywood updates  was in between that Prabhas and ‘Bahubali’ lead actor Anushka Shetty are having an affair and she is going to marry soon. However, later, both of them called it a rumour and put a full stop on the news.

In fact, after the release of ‘Bahubali’, the Chemistry of Prabhas and Anushka is very popular for the people. Not only this, both of the stars also start appearing together in a particular function or event. With this, the people started to guess this, there is something between these two.

According to one story of bollywood updates, Prabhas can release his upcoming movie ‘Shaho”s teaser, Poster or Trailer. Shraddha Kapoor will appear in this movie with Prabhas.

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