South Singer Balabhaskar of the South Entertainment Industry died on Tuesday in a Kerala hospital. Singer was being treated at Anantapuri hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. According to bollywood news reports, he breathed his last at 12:50 on Tuesday morning.

Let me tell bollywood news to you that Balabhaskar and his family had been victims of a painful road accident last week. In this accident Singer’s two-year-old daughter died on the spot.

This incident happened in the area of ​​Palipuram near Thiruvananthapuram. Singer along with his wife and daughter went to Tirisaur to visit a temple and was returning.

Please tell bollywood news that after 15 years of marriage, daughter was born to Balabhaskar. On this occasion of happiness, he and his wife went to temple for giving thanks to God. While returning from the temple, his vehicle collided with a tree at a fast speed. The collision was so tremendous that the car was completely shattered. In this condition, the family was taken to the hospital by the petrol unit, but his daughter could not be rescued.

Balabhaskar was famous for his fusion in the Malayalam film industry. He was known for his stage shows. He started his career only at the age of 12.

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