Latest bollywood news is that the wedding clips of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are now coming closer. Both superstars are bound to be married to November 14-15. Now the rituals of their marriage have also started, and the first photo of Nandini Puja before Deepika Padukone’s wedding at the house has been revealed. As per bollywood updates, in these photos, Deepika Padukone has an amazing orange suit, Deepika looks very amazing. These photos of Deepika Padukone are also becoming viral on the Internet.

Even before bollywoodbug had informed you earlier that just a day before the marriage, a Nandi Pooja program is scheduled to start at Deepika Padukone’s house. This worship has been done in the house of Bangaluru of Deepika Padukone. For worship, Deepika’s mother started preparations for a long time already.

According to bollywood news, Deepika and Ranveer had shared a post on Instagram in the past and disclosed about the date of their marriage. While announcing their marriage in this post, both of them wrote, “We are very happy to tell you that our marriage due to our family blessings has been decided on 14 and 15 November 2018. We thank you for the love and affection that you have given us in so many years and we wish for your blessings for this beautiful journey of our starting love, friendship and faith. Many love Deepika and Ranveer. ‘

Since then, the Bollywood news is hot about the marriage of these two. According to bollywood updates, both are going to get married in the city of Lake Como, Italy. Both stars have prepared a lot for the wedding. There is only preparation for marriage between close relatives. After marriage, both stars are preparing to give Grand Reception in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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