Wedding rituals of Deepika and Ranveer Singh, who are going to be married on November 14-15, have begun. On Sunday 4 November, his haldi ceremonies were kept at Ranveer’s house in Bandra. Photos of Ranveer’s haldi function are becoming viral on social media. In this he was showing in white color  kurta with a pajama.

Excited by Dance: Ranbir, excited in his haldi ceremony, is also seen dancing. Between ceremony, Ranveer came out to receive his close friend and casting director, Shanu Sharma, and also came out with selfie clicks. Ranveer’s house has been decorated with flowers.

Ranveer’s Million Dollars Collection: Deepika and Ranvir are married in Lake Como, Italy, after being in a relationship for 5 years. Ranveer has bought a designer Mangalasutra for Deepika. The special thing is that this Mangalasutra is worth Rs 20 lakh. At the same time, Deepika has also purchased a 200-gm Super Expensive Gold chain for her husband Ranveer.

Shop was closed at the shoping time: In addition to Mangalasutra, Deepika has taken 2 necklaces, and the rest of her jewelery has also been purchased. It is being told that the cost of whole ornaments is Rs. 1 crore. Both of them does shopping at Mumbai’s Andheri Market. In fact, couple’s shopping was pre-planned, the shop shutter was shut off just hours before the arrival of the showroom for shopping, and both of them had comfortable shopping completely.

Nandi Puja at Deepika’s house : Rituals of worship and marriage have started at Deepika’s Bangalore-based house. In the first week of November, at Deepika’s house was kept Nandi Puja. During the worship, Deepika appeared in a traditional look. Deepika’s stylist Shalina Nathani shared the photo of this function.

According to bollywood news report, Deepika-Ranvir’s wedding will be color corirdated. With family members, the waiters also have to follow the dress code.

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