Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan recently disclosed about his dad Rakesh Roshan, who said he was battling cancer like this. This news related to filmmaker had surprised everyone by his fans. On which the Prime Minister of India, including Bollywood stars, expressed his surprise and expressed his good wishes. Right now, a special friend of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has disclosed the shocking about the cause of his illness. Know what is the real cause of the disease …

Rakesh Roshan’s friend Amod Mehra, in a recent interview given to Spotboy, told the reason behind his illness, “With Ritik’s tweet, I came to know that Rakesh Roshan has cancer. I had met him in a party about two months ago, during this time he looked very smart. But I am very surprised to know the news of his illness. “He also said that,” Rakesh Roshan was a habit of smoking. His wife Pinky Roshan often used to talk to them about quitting smoking. But he used to sneak everyone’s eyes to steal cigarette silently. ‘

It is clear from Rakesh Roshan that it is the habit of drinking cigarettes due to cancer. However, Hrithik Roshan has said that he has removed everyone from fear that his cancer is at the first stage, whose surgery has been successfully done. Please tell Rakesh that throat cancer of the stomach cancer in the throat of squamous cell carcinoma ie early stage of cancer.

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