A source near Michael told EXCLUSIVELY that if it boils down to this, they are simply too good of pals to chase another romantically. “Michael and Lupita are having fun with all the relationship rumours, but Michael especially loves being a single guy,” our source told us. “He really loves having options. Lupita is a beautiful person to him, but they are way too good of friends to go any further.”

Not only are they amazing friends, but they are such incredible collaborators he wouldn’t wish to mess up that. “He would love to act with her on many more occasions, so he wouldn’t want to ruin that by forming a relationship with the possibility of it going south,” our source added. “His friendship and work relationship is what is most important and she shares his thoughts and is happy with just being friends.”

Both Michael and Lupita ravaged buffs by openly and denying most the dating rumors. “No, we’re good friends,” Michael told ET Online. “Honestly, we’ve known each other a really long time and respect each other and I love this girl to death.” “It’s flattering at the end of the day,” Lupita added. “I think it’s such a rare thing to find people you have good chemistry with and too, for us to find each other as actors and get to work together, it makes the work richer that we truly enjoy each other’s company on and off screen.”
We’ll continue to keep you posted with most the newest news about Michael and Lupita. Meanwhile, have a look at most her photos from the gallery above.

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