Egg: The king of versatility

Eggs aren’t only delicious, but they are amazingly versatile too. There are many ways that you can cook an egg and it tastes as good at virtually any form – boiled, omelette, scrambled or sunny side up!

Egg-cellent recipes!

Toss it with veggies and only add a wholegrain bread to this, this breakfast could keep you packed for long.

Discarding the yolk?

We all understand that eggs are a rich source of protein and therefore are beneficial to people conscious of their diet and exercise. Many of us are guilty of discarding the yolk because we believe eating them will beat the health aspect of eating eggs.

Here is exactly what you Should Be Aware of

One egg contains almost 6 g of protein and should you lose the yellowish, you receive just about 4 grams of protein per egg.

How much protein you need?

Protein is crucial for losing weight in addition to for building muscles. Experts indicate that you need to have between 60-90 g of protein (based on your own body weight) through the day.

Variety is essential

Of course, when eggs are the main source of protein, then you will need to appropriately include as much eggs in what you eat – now if you simply eat the snowy, you will have to grow the number even more. Try including black beans, kidney beans and cheese to have a variety of proteins.

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