Okay, so it’s only the beginning of year and already one beauty trend is blowing up online. Stylistas are following a #YogaSkin hashtag also it has got absolutely nothing to do with becoming in to asanas. The tendency came up after UK-based makeup artist Sara Hill, conjured a process to reach a radiant appearance. Sara published a video in that she shared with a step by step tutorial of what to accomplish for it . It entails several steps, beginning with cleansing the skin, followed closely by dabbing on the standard skincare services and products and allowing them to settle on the face area and get absorbed. She then came into the important portion of it, which is similar to producing a skin beauty cocktail. It involves mixing a few pumps of liquid foundation using a dip of facial oil and 1 drop of liquid highlighter and maybe a couple of refrigerated glow drops. It is subsequently followed by a liquid concealer and a bronzer that may be appropriate for the skin shade.

The result was so effective, which it has got women posting their images from the look with the hashtag #yogaskin. Healthy, glowing, hydrated, glowing, absolute, and natural. Skin that resembles skin in its top”

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