Most men and women believe that Lakmé fashion-week is solely on the clothes. However, authentic beauty junkies are aware that the cosmetics and hair found at these shows is equally crucial! From colourful eyeshadow to chic braids, we’ve seen a lot of trend setting beauty moments over the last few days. Following is a roundup of a number of the favourite looks!

1.Metallic Blue Lids At Tilla By Aratrik Dev Varman

Big curls, glistening eyes and a blue inner corner highlight… doesn’t this look emit major sea turtles?

2. Orange Hues In Gazal Mishra

Utilizing orange eyeshadow is definitely considered an experiment, but the models took it a step further by wearing the color just below their brows.

3. Glistening Skin Care At Kanika Goyal Tag

I’m legit obsessed with using blinding silver highlight plus glistening lips.

4.Graphic Liner And Tassel Braids At Payal Singhal

Discuss edgy! With a destructive space between their eyeliner and those embellished braids, the models at this series were super fierce.

5.Red Liner And Messy Brows At Verandah

Looking to modify your regular dark liner? Have a leaf this out appearance and opt for a weathered red rather. I also love how the designer veered from dressed eyebrows and went with this particular brushed out look as an alternative.

6. Pearl Accents At The Gen Next Show

The makeup at this series was absolutely dedicated to the eyes. The bright yellow shadow and addition of pearls on the upper and lower lashline, kept the feel fresh and peppy.

7. Blue Lashes At Péro

Whilst the coral lipstick and winged liner were gorgeous, it was the blue-tinted lashes which grabbed everyone’s attention! Here is quick tutorial to achieving this appearance in the event that you want to give it a try.

8. Glitter Lips At Manoj Agarrwal

Glitter is always a good idea which appearance demonstrates that perfectly! The chunky sparkles gave off a rock and roll vibe and were complemented by the reverse liner and retro curls.

9. Liquified Metal In Nikhil Thampi

Perhaps this is the most wearable look I have come across. The molten bronze lids looked glitzy and elegant, without being too over the top.

10. Artsy Reds At Shantanu & Nikhil

With strokes of reddish shadow stretching out of the eyes and bold, matte lips, these models absolutely upped the play this week.

11. Purple Pouts At Sailesh Singhania

The contrasting makeup seen on these models had been incredible. Even the grey-toned purple lipstick came out beautifully against the silver eye makeup at the chicest way potential.

Which of these are you most eager to use out?

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