Like the Valentine’s Day, the heartbeat of the hearts of lovers is increasing. Well, the effect of Valentine’s Day is not even less on the Bollywood world. At the same time some stars have started tweeting on it. One of them is Kamal R Khan.

By the way, Kamal R Khan often remains in the controversy on social media for some reason. Similarly, once again they have created a tweet with a tweet on their Twitter account. But this time, on their target film producer Karan Johar Yes Yes, this time, Kamal Khan has targeted Karan Johar and has proposed him for Valentine’s Day. Kamal has written on his tweet “Deer Karan, there is not even a girlfriend for my Valentine’s Day. Will you be my valentine day partner? Your answer is waiting ”

Although this proposition of Amazing, Karan did not respond. But the users made a lot of fun at this. Many people have even said that Deepak Kahal will be the best for you. See how the users have surrounded them?

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