The biopic period is growing rapidly in Bollywood, due to which the movies of Famous people of politics are now being created. Recently, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been announced to make a biopic Right now, a movie called ‘My name is Raga’ is based on the life of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Know what will happen in this film ..

Media reports suggest that Rupesh Pal, director of the film, said, “The purpose of this film is neither to glorify Rahul nor to reveal any secret to him. This is the story of a man who had a ridiculous attack, but in spite of how he made a great comeback. “In the recent release teaser of this film, you can see that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tells Rahul Gandhi that now Time has come when you take responsibility.

This is followed by the press conference which took place when the chair of the Congress chief was held, where the journalists have strong questions with Rahul. Let me tell you that the journalist has made the film director, Rupesh Pal has written the script of the film. Actor Ashwini Kumar plays the role of Rahul Gandhi in this biopic film. If news is to be believed then this film may be released between elections in April. Stay tuned with the Bollywood bug to know similar stories of Bollywood.

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