The first death anniversary of the deceased superstar Actress Sridevi is February 24. Even after a year of his death, the idiosity of Sridevi remains in the heart of the fiance. His family has not yet fully recovered from this shock. At the same time, husband Boney Kapoor is auctioned for a beautiful sari, before the death anniversary, to help NGOs.

If the news is to be believed, it is a sari kota sari for Boney Kapoor Sridevi. On the other hand, this sari is going to be a website called auction house. It is being told that the bid for the auction will start from Rs 40 thousand. So far, the highest bid of this beautiful sari is Rs. 125,000.

On the Social Account by the Chancera, shared the picture of this sari too. In this caption he has also invited to take part in the auction. Here also it is informed that the amount of sari’s auction will be given to the Concern India Foundation. This institution strives for the empowerment of women and the upliftment of various disadvantaged sections of society.

Significantly, on February 24 last year, Sridevi was killed in a bathtub in a hotel in Dubai. It is a year on February 23, but according to the date, it was on 14th February. On her first anniversary, husband Boney Kapoor placed a special puja in Chennai. In which he had joined his two daughters, Jahnavi and Happiness.

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