An individual would expect an inner designer to become mesmerized with sartorial expertise, also Gauri Khan does not disappoint. While she may only grace the red carpet at occasions, a rapid scroll through her Insta-gram profile will establish that after she does, she’s dressed in couture. It’s evident that Khan knows exactly what is best suited for her, and can expertly distinguish between conventional Indian sporting and also a number of contemporary fashions like pant suits and gowns.


De-coding Gauri Khan’s personal style

Though her go-to colours are mostly warm and muted, so her silhouettes swing between sharp and ordered (think tailored blazers and pantsuits) and comfortable and relaxed (we’re looking at easy-breezy dresses along with oversized tshirt and jeans combinations). Bohemian prints are occasionally favoured, as are exaggerated sleeves. Her newfound taste allows her to mix and match–we’ve seen her team sneakers with a dainty dress and a crop shirt, shirt and track pants combination.

A peek at Gauri Khan’s favourite accessories

Khan’s not one for announcement jewellery; you will seldom find her ostentatious bracelets or earrings that shout for attention. Her approach is more classic, along with her jewellery (a wrist watch or a ring that she sometimes wears) is preferred with caution. Footwear, however, is a different ballgame altogether. The same is true for her pick from handbags–there’s the staple Goyard tote she often conveys, also she has lots of designer clutches carried for crimson carpet events.

Scroll through the gallery below to take a closer glance in Gauri Khan’s personal style.

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