There might be zillions of weird videos available on the TikTok program, but so often there is just one that manages to be noticed. The most recent video to go viral includes a man dancing to the iconic tune of Doordarshan News.

Way before cable stations and online streaming solutions, Indians relied on Doordarshan for his or her everyday dose of news. After seeing the man’s dance moves, many people were shot down the road.

TikTok user Vaishakh Nair showed off several impeccable locking and popping style moves in the brief dance video. The video caused it to Twitter as a result of user @Ya5Ne, and also the dance has obtained social-media !

The video gained got a thumbs up from Doordarshan, that re-tweeted the video. It was lauded by Supriya Sahu, who’s the Director General of Doordarshan.

Sharing the video, she wrote,”Fabulous action! Definitely fantastic and lively like the iconic D d song. . India’s pulse Desh ki Dhadkan”.

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