A couple of Iran has been detained after the boy gave the marriage proposal to her girl friend in people. The people who was present there has been captured to a movie and upload it on social media. After that, it went viral on social media. The police say the pair violated Islamic rules on public decency but were later released on bail. The video, that spread on social networking on Friday, shows the boy standing at a heart-shaped ring of blossom petals next-to colourful balloons at a mall in the central Iranian city of Arak.


The boy has proposed to girl and when she says,”yes”, he slips a ring onto her finger. The the crowd has started into cheers. However, both are not identified. Mostafa Norouzi, deputy police chief in Arak, told to the Shahrvand daily that it is not acceceptable which is hurting islamic faith and culture in Iran. The officer said that “offence is very clear and there is no need for explanation” about the reason behind their arrest.

Lawyer Isa Amini, head of the Tehran Bar Association, criticised the defendant and said he couldn’t understand what the reasons were to get such an act since the couple failed to commit any wrongdoing. However, that the semi-official and hard-line Fars news service called them “shameful” and it would promote immorality. The bureau needed “harsh” punishment to stop such screens from being repeated by others.


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