A plane that took off from Saudi Arabia was forced to return after having a passenger surmised that she had abandoned her baby at the terminal. The pilot of this aircraft which had been en route to Kuala Lumpur, forced an irregular petition call to the Air traffic control (ATC) airport in Jeddah after the caretaker advised the cabin crew about leaving her child at the airport, the Guardian reported.

A video of this odd call made by the pilot into the traffic control went viral on a few interpersonal networking platforms after it was shared on the web. According to the news website, the pilot has been heard asking the ATC to reunite back to King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

As stated by the Gulf News, at the conversation between the pilot and the ATC operator the pilot is still seeking permission to turn back. Can we return or what?” He had been heard saying. On hearing the request, the operator requests a second colleague for the basic protocol that must be followed closely for this kind of incident. “This trip is requesting to keep coming straight back…a passenger whined her baby in the waiting area, the bad thing” The pilot was once again requested to repeat his request before being allowed to go back to the airport.

“We told you personally, a passenger left her baby at the terminal and won’t continue the trip,” the pilot confirms before being told by the operator, “Okay, return into the gate. This is a new one for people !” .

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