Everyother day we all hear about the damage which has been done to your planet. That will be the reason why we’ve made it to the point whereby sustainability is the demand of the hour. However, just how many folks know exactly what sustainability means? Let us break down that .

The 21stcentury significance of sustainability describes the requirement to produce sustainable units which are vital to your own entire world and the people’s survival. For this, concentrating on changes and actions (even while miniature as saving water, planting trees) may definitely help for building a larger positive effect on this Earth. However, being sustainable is not only connected with life style , the style business is taking an active role of it too!

That explains the reason, once the FDCI partnered with Liva’s #FeelsGreenFeelsGreat effort to create this year’s autumn-winter FashionWeek, it became evident that shift manufacturers and governments from the field had been also denying they had to lead the way in having a stand to get sustainable manner and also for its planet earth generally speaking. Also also to showcase that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive theories, they, consequently, drove the ground open to 3 top designers using varying vision to showcase exactly that aspect. Afterall, performers are the fad forecasters and setters for the others people.

1. Rina Dhaka

Starting with Rina Dhaka, the group has been a flurry of all frills and mostly rich reds, Lotus Make up India FashionWeek began off beautifully.

2. Sahil Kochhar

Moving forward to Sahil Kochar, his group failed more than justice to this origin by embracing a number of their very fun appliqué quilted jackets and trenchcoats we’ve seen while also displaying the legislation of layering in the manner of a boss.

3. Samant Chauhan

Then in line was Samant Chauhan who used his own trademark quilting palette using a comparison of stripes.

4. Shalini James

And Shalini James’ Mantra Design Studio collection highlighted muted earth tones of brown and green with exquisite prints from flowy saris and kaftans which made the units look as if they were drifting on the run way.

Just how amazing was that this set and also the craftsmanship of these layouts?! Have a favorite? Comment below and let’s.

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