The association between kids and pets is both adorable and generally, it is rather similar to a bond between elephants. A resourceful daddy in China made a decision to simply take this particular relationship somewhat farther. Needing his daughter to focus on her assignments, the guy in northeast China’s Guizhou state got a cute manager to look over her their own dog.

To do that undertaking, the dad chose to coach the four-legged boss well, such it can shield his child against using the phone whilst doing assignments.

Adorable video moving viral on Chinese societal networking platforms shows that the cream-coloured mongrel position on its hind legs, appearing through the younger girl since she completes her action. Your dog was trained with the girl’s dad, surnamed Xu, to set its front paws upon the desk and then watch over her that she does not get diverted if she does her homework nightly, based to Shanghaiist.

Speaking with the news site, Pear Xu said that his daughter could always dillydally and got diverted while doing her research therefore he had to get some thing to be sure she had been focusing nicely.

“I have been training it since it was young and now it does whatever I tell it to do. I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does her homework,” he added. “It would then guard her and make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone.”

But, that is only one gift that the dog has. Later in the video, your dog sometimes appears revealing hints.

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