Together with Sonam Kapoor Ahuja we anticipate the sudden, but a princess second isn’t among these. She had her times in some wonderful gowns, which could even create the Disney princesses jealous. However, this time it was not her fancy outfit which made sure that she had her Cinderellaminute, it had been her blazing set of shoes.

Sonam ditched her standard heels sandals for all these fiery masala shoes and has been shoe-twinning using Anand. Even the billowy sleeves had a casual the heart of striped cuffs, but also the huge bow at front did all of the talking in the apparel. The Louis Vuitton handbag along with the golden hoop earrings would be the supporting accessories for this appearance. Celebrity cosmetics and hairstylist Tanvi Chemburkar did the tip of maintaining all of the hair sleeked back and lasted the color concept using all the soda of red on your lips.

Basically, Sonam educated us Cinderella in two Unique moments:

After she climbed the staircase inside her stylish way.

We believe that modern-day Cinderella would not mind shifting her glass slippers with those leading sneakers. What do you believe the new narrative ought to be? Do inform us from your remarks below.

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