Ponytails certainly are among the most flexible hairstyles on the market. They are sometimes cluttered, slick, tight, tight, low or high, and they function equally as well to get a workout course because they perform for a joyous celebration. Although it is simple to tie your hair to some fundamental ponytail at the center of a work without so much as having a mirror, in case you’re searching for an update, you’re going to want the help of a couple of styling suggestions and goods. “Simply put, the elevation of your ponytail will be able to help you match many different appearances, from informal to appropriate to hip,” says celebrity hairstylist Ayesha Devitre. “The feel also plays an integral role herea low, slick ponytail is prepared to take you into the red carpet, though a mid-level one is going to serve you through a very long day on the job. If you have got a day at sunlight before you, then visit some high-swept number,” she informs. Ahead, we rounded up seven methods by which you’ll be able to lift a ponytail, as highlighted by your own favorite celebrities.

1. Go Sleek

The simplest way to manage humidity would be to place it in a ponytail that is already glossy and flat against your head. Placement is essential here; make a component that works, and detangle your mane to make sure there are not any lumps while turning it up into a ponytail. To reestablish Ananya Panday’s hairstyle, then use a glow serum along with a heating styling item first. After that, use a flat iron to straighten your own hair and joining this up with a slender elastic in your nape.

2) Tie it with a scrunchie

Apart, from only being an enjoyable tendency to attempt, fabric-coated scrunchies are likewise more advisable to sustain a hairstyle because the softer material eradicates the scratches conventional hair follicles frequently leave behind from the hairfollicles. Do enjoy Hailey Bieber and join a top ponytail in the exact top of the mind, accessorising it using a significant scrunchie.

3) Opt for a high ponytail

Ariana Grande is seldom seen without her trademark top ponytail, and there is a reason behind it. The elevation and also the stiffness can pull up the face, which makes it seem skinnier and tauter. For perfect positioning, align with a cheekbones diagonally, and then pull it tight.

4) Insert braids

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Bring your own hair into a ponytail, then braid to make an instantly updated fashion. Spray hair using texturising spray on to make it seem shinier and thicker. To get Kareena Kapoor Khan’s hairstyle, then tie a ponytail on very top of your crown having an elastic, then separate it into two segments. Twist every bit over another to make a rope fur, and fasten it with a different elastic in the finish.

5) Play along with your parting

Can not decide between a side or straight part? Shraddha Kapoor gets the ideal answer to your issue. For those promotions of Baaghi two , Kapoor’s mid-level ponytail came with just two intriguing details–both side braids along with a zigzag parting at the middle.

6) Amp up the texture

A textured ponytail is significantly cooler than the usual stuffy, fussy updo. It is possible to use it almost everywhere, and the design is super simple to produce and maintain. To get Alia Bhatt’s messy appearance, combine a ponytail, then use a curling iron to include waves to arbitrary parts of hair, or so the hairstyle seems natural.

7) Do not be Scared of quantity

To reestablish Deepika Padukone’s voluminous ponytail, then maintain a part of hair in the temple apart, and then clip it out of their solution. Unclip the front and generate a pouf on top, securing it with bobby pins. This design is very perfect for people who have thin, fine hair which could be lacking in depth in the front.

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