TV’s very popular show ‘Beyhadh’ was well liked by the people. In this show, the character of Maya of Jennifer Winget made people sleep with her murders. Despite being a negative character in this show, Jennifer had settled in people’s hearts. At the same time, his fans were disappointed after the show closed. But once again Jennifer is going to come back once again from ‘Beyhadh 2′, which is increasing her fans’ disarray. So right there Jennifer is also fully prepared for the show. But before shooting the show, she was seen enjoying fiercely with her friends.

Jennifer did some pictures with friends on her social account. In these pictures, Jennifer is seen having a lot of fun with her girl gang. Jennifer shared a picture where she wrote ‘My Girls’. In one photo, she kisses her best friend, Nahal Bagora posing for a selfie.

By the way, seeing pictures of Jennifer, it is revealed that she loves spending time with friends. Recently, she shared some more pictures where she was seen having fun with TV actress Drishti Dhami. So in the second picture, Darshan is seen kissing Jennifer.

At the same time, if we talk about 2, according to the news, Jennifer’s opposite actor Shivin Narang can be seen in this show. Last time, Kushal Tandon, Jennifer’s opposite, came in the lead role. Now to see that
In ‘Beast 2’, what does Jennifer and Shivin pair show on screen? Stay tuned with the Bollywood bug for the gripping news of the entertainment world.

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