‘Hair Loss No Identity Loss Is Happening Our …’ This dialogue of the film ‘Bala’ is telling the whole story of it. In our society, external beauty dominates the people to such an extent that without that they do not want to imagine their life. Not only among the common people, it also has a deep impact on the big screen. The most important example of this discrimination in the industry is Anupam Kher. Due to his baldness, Anupam Kher had to play the character of 50 years old in the film ‘Saaransh’ at just 26 years of age.

Ayushman Khurana in Bala also does not live up to the scale of the beauty of society because at the age of 25, he becomes a victim of baldness. Due to their baldness, they have to become the object of jokes in society many times. In such a situation, they gradually lose their confidence. But is external beauty the real identity of a person? Is anyone who is beautiful not entitled to success? Bala raises this question.

‘Balmukund Shukla’ aka ‘Bala’ (Ayushman Khurana), he got this name because of his thick beautiful hair … But by the time his youth started, his thick hair started in autumn. Batala’s childhood friend Latika Trivedi (Bhumi Pednekar) has a dark complexion and Bala always makes fun of her because of this. But as young people, the story changes a bit. While growing up, Bala’s hair falls and he is not able to do anything special in his career.

Bala is always ashamed of himself and wants to remove the stain of baldness from himself. On the other hand, Latika Trivedi accepts her complexion and becomes a successful lawyer. Both may be schoolmates but they always have a figure of 36.

After this, there is an entry in Bala’s story of Pari Mishra (Yami Gautam). Pari is an all-encompassing girl whose blonde complexion and thick hair beats millions of hearts. Pari is a Tiktok star and is very beautiful. Held in a fairy’s love, patches (a piece of fake hair that is applied to hide baldness) are used to hide her baldness.

After this, the love story of both of them starts and reaches the wedding. But in this marriage standing on the foundation of lies, a ruckus soon begins. Pari, for whom physical beauty is everything, it is difficult for her to accept a bald husband and she leaves Bala. Now after this, what will be the result of this story, then you will have to watch the film. Does the angel accept Bala or not? Does Bala herself accept this baldness or not? Does the black-faced Latika get married or not? You will get answers to all these questions at the end of the film.

The makers of the film have chosen its starcast very seriously. Ayushmann Khurrana has once again shown his acting skills on screen. Seeing them on the screen, you will not even realize for a moment that you are looking at a very beautiful Ayushman with thick hair, rather you will see only Bala on screen. Bhumi Pednekar has also done a fantastic job in the role of a dusky girl and a strong-headed independent girl. At the same time, Yami Gautam did not have very special challenges as a character, but he has also played the role of a small town star model. Apart from this, Seema Pawa, Saurabh Shukla, Javed Jaffrey have all done a fantastic job.

Amar Kaushik has tried his hand in comedy before and he knows the pulse of the audience very well. Amar Kaushik, who won the audience’s heart with the horror comedy woman last year, has also put a tremendous temper of comedy in this film. The most important thing is that Amar has directed it in a very balanced way. No characters in the film overlap each other. Each character has been given a chance to emerge on screen.

Talking about the songs of the film, a total of five songs have been kept in the film. Among them, tequila is a fun song that the audience likes. Apart from this, ‘Donut Bhi Shai’ has been recreated, which is an extravagant and promotional song. It is shown at the end of the film. Apart from this, the songs of the film are nothing special. Although the background music of the film is very special.

In the film, the makers have tried to give a serious message in a very funny way … and they also appear to be successful in this effort to a great extent. Today’s false social media world is also shown in Bala, in which external appearances of people are very important. Acting, scripting and direction film seems to live on all three parameters.

Ayushmann Khurrana is going to write a new history of success with this film. If you like comedy films then this film is definitely for you. From the promos, the name and the trailer, it may seem that this film only raises the issue of falling hair or baldness. But this is not the case, this film raises many important issues like body shaming, apartheid and gives the message of loving and accepting oneself in a very light manner.


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