Singer and rapper Badshah has made a distinct identity in the industry in a very short time. But it was not very easy for them to travel this journey till here. Recently, the emperor has talked about the early stages of his career. The king did not get this success just as, talking about his hard work and the stories of Satragal, the king told that at one time he had left his girlfriend.

The king today has no complaints about his journey and this struggle because he feels that his struggle has turned into a success. He also told in an interview to Pinkvilla that there was such a time in this struggle when he had to travel without money. Even he had to sleep on the ground many times. Talking on this, he said, “I was enjoying every part of my journey, whether it is sleeping on the ground or traveling without money. This was not a big struggle but it taught me patience.

Regarding the struggle to become his rapper, he told that initially his family was also against this passion. His parents thought that his career would probably be spoiled if he went to this field. However, he continued his hard work apart from his family’s will and after about five years his parents finally understood and supported his work.
He also told that his girlfriend also left him when he came to know that he wanted to become a rapper. His girlfriend who has been with him for two decades left him, saying that the field he wants to go to cannot be considered a proper career. However, the emperor took over himself and tried to forget it by focusing on his music career. Let us tell you that Badshah’s new song is in Chandigarh, it has been sung for Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Good News’.

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