You have gone to celebrate in the hotel with your family and suddenly you know that where you are, there has been a terrorist attack. What would you do in this situation? The film ‘Hotel Mumbai’ makes you aware of the same fear. About 11 years ago today, there was a terror attack on 26 November at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. That terrorist attack shook the world along with the entire country.

Earlier, films and documentaries have been made on this terrorist attack. But Hotel Mumbai is different from them all and the reason for this is to see this incident from a different point of view. In all the films made so far, planning has been given importance to the terrorists and the confrontation of the armed forces with them. But in this film, an attempt has been made to tell the story not inside the Taj Hotel but inside it. The story of the film has been woven from the facts of real life, in such a way that no more questions can be raised on it. But the story is woven very beautifully.

The story of the film begins with the terrorists arriving at the Gateway of India by sea. Lace-10 terrorists entered Mumbai and attacked several places one after the other within half an hour. The biggest attack in this was the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. To attack this hotel, 4 terrorists entered together and converted the hotel into a crematorium.

Staff came to know about the entry of terrorists in the hotel within minutes. But he had no way to deal with armed terrorists. At the time when many VIP guests were present in the hotel when the terrorist attack took place, it was a big challenge for the hotel staff to get their guests out of the hotel safely and save their lives.

Even under these conditions the hotel staff did not turn away from their responsibilities and kept many guests safe. In the film, Anupam Kher who is the head chef of the hotel and Dev Patel who is a servant, both played an important role. The terrorists were present in the hotel for more than 12 hours. To stay away from the terrorists’ eyes for so long and to keep the guests safe, the hotel staff put their lives at stake.

All the actors in the film have done tremendous acting. Everyone from Anupam Kher to Dev Patel and its supporting staff brought the terror of that night back to life on screen. The actors selected in the film have been selected in the best manner.

Director Anthony Maras has shown that creepy scene of that night on screen in a very spectacular way. A detailing has been done in the film. From the luxurious guest of the hotel to Nawaji, its staff and the scene of the night of the attack have been shown in an excellent manner. Another special thing about Anthony’s direction is that he has kept the film very balanced. In this, no attempt has been made to make anyone a hero. One reason for this is also to be inspired by its true events.

According to the films made on true events, this film has been presented as a story in an excellent way. The direction, story, script and dialogue have all been kept quite a powerpack. There is no attempt to show this patriotism by making useless dialogs. Watching the film, viewers will once again be able to feel the pain and terror of 26/11. Also, an attempt has been made to show the cruel behavior of the terrorists.

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