Rashmi Desai’s boyfriend Arhan Khan is out of Bigg Boss 13. Arhan entered the Big Boss house twice as a wild card contestant. But he has failed to impress the audience and got out of the show in a short time for the second time.
After leaving Bigg Boss 13’s house, Arhan is strongly supporting Rashmi Desai. Recently Arhaan has shared his romantic photos with Rashmi. Along with sharing the photo, Arhan also wrote about Rashmi in the caption that bring the trophy.

Some fans are praising the couple after sharing a photo with Arshan’s Rashmi. But some fans of Rashmi Desai are also very angry with Arhan. A user commented on the photo shared with Arshan’s Rashmi, ‘Haven’t got the key of the house yet?’

Another user wrote- ‘Stay away from Rashmi and let her live her life’. The user further wrote- ‘Stay away from Rashmi’s house too and let her live happily with her family’.

One user wrote while making fun of Arhaan – ‘I hope Rashmi gets a sense of urgency’.

Let me tell you that in the Bigg Boss house, Salman Khan told everyone the truth about Arhaan being already married and having a child. During the show, Arhan was also accused that in the absence of Rashmi, Arhan and his family were using Rashmi’s house. It was also reported that after the second exit of Bigg Boss house, Arhan had also asked the show’s makers for the keys to Rashmi’s house, but the makers refused to give him the key.

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