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Bollywood Celebs Who Went To Jail

With money and popularity come controversies. And who’re best friends with controversies? It’s none other than our favourite celebrities. Honestly, the paparazzi won’t leave you alone if you’re famous enough to have an enormous fan base. And that’s exactly what happens to our B-Town celebs. Physical fights, drug dealing, poaching, and for many other reasons celebrities have landed in trouble, sometimes so huge that it led them behind bars. We have seen many Bollywood celebrities going to jail. Let’s talk about some of them who got into trouble because of a sudden or not so sudden tragedy.

Shahrukh Khan


This incident might come as a surprise, but yes, you read that right. Shahrukh Khan aka the Bollywood Badshah himself confirmed the news in an interview. He said that there was a journalist who wrote some nasty rumours about him. Since the rumours were not true at all, he got angry and fought with the journalist. Then all of the sudden police arrived at the scene and arrested him. As per his words, “it was a small little prison with human faeces”. 

Salman Khan


Superstar Salman Khan had been arrested multiple times at a young age and went to jail. In 2002, he got arrested for negligent driving. His car hit a local bakery killing one person. In 2007, he got arrested yet again for killing a blackbuck and went to Jodhpur Jail. These incidents created a lot of controversies in the industry. Where his fans supported him, many people criticised his actions.

Akshay Kumar


This one is partly hilarious as Akshay Kumar laughs about it each time he recalls the incident. Akshay Kumar was walking in a famous fashion show and While the show was still on, he requested his wife to unzip his pants. Soon a case was filed against the actor for indulging in indecency at a public place. He spent some time inside a prison and later got released on bail. 

Sanjay Dutt 


Sanjay Dutt never has shied away from his dark lifestyle. His biopic says it all and it also happens to be one of the highest-grossing films. He went to jail after being convicted for keeping illegal arms at the time of the Mumbai bombings in 1993. For this, he spent 6 years in jail. According to Sanju, being imprisoned for so long has transformed him into a better person.

Rhea Chakraborty 


Imprisonment of Rhea Chakraborty has been the top news for a long time. The actress got arrested after her boyfriend actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his flat in 2020. She got arrested on the basis of money laundering and drug abuse. NCB started investigating the suicide case to check if there were any drugs involved. During the investigation, her name surfaced and she got arrested. It was evident that she procured drugs for her boyfriend via her brother Showik. She spent 28 days in jail. 

Saif Ali Khan


Actor Saif Ali Khan got arrested for punching a businessman at a 5 star hotel in Mumbai. The case stirred up quite a drama in the B-town. According to reports, he was having dinner with his then girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and some other friends. The feud started when he heard foul language being used against the ladies by some of the hotel staff. He got furious and started a fight, injuring 3 members of the hotel. He got arrested and later was released on bail.   

John Abraham


Back in 2006, actor John Abraham got arrested for rash driving. He was driving recklessly and his bike skidded, hurting two other people along with him. He took both of them to the hospital, who were treated and discharged. At first he was sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment but then he got released immediately on bail.

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