Applauded By The Netizens, CISF ASI Landed In Trouble For Stopping Salman Khan At The Airport

Update (8/25/2021): In a recent tweet, CISF has cleared the false reports on ASI landing in trouble. The tweet quoted, “The contents of this tweet are incorrect and without factual basis. In fact, the officer concerned has been suitably rewarded for exemplary professionalism in the discharge of his duty.

Bollywood biggie Salman Khan made the headlines when he was stopped at the Mumbai Airport Terminal Gate for a proper security check by a CISF official. While the Netizens praised the on-duty ASI for doing his job, he landed in trouble for a protocol breach.

According to reports, CISF has seized ASI Somnath Mohanty’s mobile for talking to the media and breaking the protocols, claiming he had a conversation with one of Orissa’s media agencies about the incident and landed in trouble, after which he was accused of violating the protocols. The report says CISF seized his cellphone necessarily to make sure he doesn’t talk to the media about the incident in the future. 

One of the reports also claims that an official in the Central Industrial Security Force department quoted, “Mohanty’s mobile phone has been seized as he interacted with the media and violated the department’s protocols. His mobile phone was seized to ensure that he won’t speak with the media further about this incident”.

Last week a video went viral on the internet that showed the CISF officer Somnath Mohanty of Rayagarh stopping Salman Khan for a compulsory security check, he was also seen asking the photographers to step back. The video was of Mumbai airport where Bollywood’s Bhai was heading to Russia for his upcoming film Tiger 3’s shoot starring Katrina Kaif as the lead actress and Emraan Hashmi as the main antagonist. 

Recently, few pictures went viral of Salman Khan from the movie where he was seen slaying his never-seen-before long beard, he was filming a car chase sequence for the movie. 

Tiger 3 is the third installment of the Ek Tha Tiger movie series and is directed by Manish Sharma.

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