Kirti Kulhari starrer ‘Shaadishthan’ to challenge the society’s regressive beliefs

In this social norm defining Disney+Hotstar movie, Kirti Kulhari plays the lead role of a singer. It focuses on how, even today, the practice of marrying off young girls without their consent is still prevalent in the country.

The movie plot includes how our heroine, together with her bandmates, is taking a tour and is teamed up with a family of three including non-progressive parents and their teenage daughter. The teenage girl tells Sasha, the lead character, that she wished she had the courage to end her life.

The story revolves around this road trip and the difference in the ideology and belief system of our society. The movie will also showcase the backstories of each of the characters and their journeys.

Apart from a supporting cast that includes Medha Shankar, Nivedita Bhattacharya, the movie also has Medha Shankar, Nivedita Bhattacharya, the real-life musicians.

The movie is set to release on June 11 and is directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary, who says that the movie is close to his heart as it is based on his own life story. He further exclaims that the viewers will be able to connect with the movie as it involves real-life situations and is entertaining at the same time.

Kirti Kulhari has stated that she can relate to the character as she herself is a strong and confident woman and is not afraid of anyone’s judgement of her. The movie essentially holds a mirror to the society’s regressive systems and values and it will be interesting to see what the viewers take away from the message.

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