Mahira Khan to Play Tom Cruise’s Opposite? “I Tried To Hide It For So Long,” the actress says

Mahira Khan is one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan. For all the obvious reasons, the beauty has a sizable fan base. Khan also has a YouTube channel called ‘Mashion,’ on which she discusses fashion, lifestyle, and her personal life.

She’s now created a video in which she addresses fan misconceptions about her. And, guess what? The Raees star has also spoken about Tom Cruise! Not only that, but the 36-year-old actress also revealed whether or not she had a “hidden husband.” “You have signed a film with Tom Cruise?” a fan inquired. Mahira Khan responded, “Tom, my dear, I am very sorry that this has leaked.” For a long time, I tried to conceal it. I’m sure you’re ecstatic, and I’m sure your team has already learned about it. But, in any case, I’ll be seeing you soon!” A fan also inquired if Mahira is “secretly married,” to which Mahira replied, “No, I am not secretly married.”

The actress questioned, “Do you even see a ring?”. If I do get married, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. Do you think you’d be surprised if I told you I was married? Kyunki yeh log Stories aur yeh sab lagate hai kyunki yeh sab lagate hai kyunki yeh sab lagate (Because now, everyone puts up Instagram Stories and things like that). I’m not married and haven’t even started dating.” Mahira Khan then requests that Siri call her “secret husband,” to which the virtual assistant on her phone replies, “Calling secret hubby.” “Haw!” exclaims the gorgeous. Mahira’s 12-year-old son, Azlan, later explained the situation, revealing that she is a single mother.

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