Malik, directed by Fahadh Faasil, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on this date

Malik, starring actor Fahadh Faasil, will launch on Amazon Prime Video on July 15. Mahesh Narayanan wrote and directed Malik, a socio-political thriller based on genuine events. And the filmmaker is optimistic that the picture will live up to the audience’s expectations.

“Having Malik available on a popular streaming service like Amazon Prime Video allows us to reach a worldwide audience.” In a statement, Mahesh said, “Malik is a story anchored in the Indian culture with numerous intricacies in its character as well as the emotions they represent, and I hope it resonates with the audience’s expectations.”

Mahesh and Fahadh have collaborated on three albums, the most recent of which is Malik. The actor-director duo previously collaborated on Take Off and C U Soon. After last year’s C U Soon, this is the duo’s second direct release on Amazon Prime Video. Fahadh previously stated that while C U Soon was intended to be an OTT film, Malik was created for the big screen. The film was slated to hit theatres on May 13, which happened to be the Eid holiday. The deadly second wave of the coronavirus, on the other hand, brought the country to a halt once more.

Anto Joseph, citing financial concerns, stated that he could no longer wait for the box office to return to normal. “These films (Malik and Cold Case) will only be able to recoup their costs if 100% attendance is permitted. I’m attempting an OTT release for these films because there is no certainty on when the theatres will reopen and given the current economic hurdles,” Anto said earlier in a statement.

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