sundeep vohra

Sunny Leone’s real brother Sundeep Vohra and her family

Sunny Leone, a former porn star and Bollywood actress, recently introduced her fans to Sundeep Vohra who is a chef by trade. The actress recently took time off from work to go on a family vacation with her husband Daniel Weber, brother Sundeep Vohra and in-laws.

Sunny Leone, who began her career in Bollywood as ‘Jism 2’, has a wonderful relationship with her brother Sundeep.

Before the web series Karenjit Kaur, The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone began streaming online in 2018, a source told that the name “Sunny” was chosen in 2001. As she was contemplating the idea, Sunny Vohra (also known as Sunny) came to her mind. She instantly chose to use his name. Leone was also the title that she received from the magazine editors.

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