Raj Kundra Filed With 1,465 Page Chargesheet In Court Hearing

On September 15, the Mumbai Crime Branch filed a 1,467 page supplemental charge sheet in the Esplanade Court in relation to the pornographic case. Businessman Raj Kundra and others were charged in the complaint. According to the most recent sources, Kundra was the case’s “primary facilitator.”

According to a report by NDTV, Mumbai Police said in a supplemental charge sheet presented in court that Raj Kundra and the others accused exploited young women working in the film industry by filming them in obscene ways. In addition, after technological analysis, witness testimony, and papers collected from Kundra’s office, further evidence allegedly against him surfaced.

The crime department filed exactly 1467 pages of the charge sheet against four individuals. Accusing Kundra and his colleague Ryan Thorpe who is the IT head of Kundra’s firm Viaan Enterprises, Yash Thakur alias of Arvind Shrivastava, and Pradeep Bakshi, Raj’s London based brother-in-law, in a magistrate court.

According to the police investigation, Kundra and Thorpe conspired with the others accused to take advantage of financially disadvantaged young ladies working in the film industry and make obscene films with them. The investigation allegedly went on to say that the pornographic videos were subsequently uploaded to a variety of websites and mobile apps. The videos were also sold through subscriptions, according to the claims, and Raj Kundra “illegally” profited nearly 1.17 crores from his application ‘Hotshots’ between August to December 2020, according to the charge sheet.

“Mumbai Crime Branch submitted a 1500-page supplementary charge sheet in connection with the pornographic case, today, before Esplanade Court,” ANI said on Twitter, earlier today. They further said, “The charge sheet has been filed against businessman and actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra and others.” In July, Raj Kundra and Thorpe were arrested for allegedly running some of these websites.

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