Ranbir Kapoor’s first short film, also Oscar-nominated can now be viewed at The Bandra Film Festival

‘Karma’, Ranbir Kapoor’s first try at acting, is an Oscar-nominated short film. Before starting his career on the big screen, Ranbir Kapoor started his acting journey with ‘Karma’, which is streaming on the Bandra Film Festivals Youtube Channel from the 5th May, 2021 onwards.

The movie revolves around capital punishment and the opinions and debates surrounding it in our country. It portrays the story of a jailer who has to come to terms with the fact that he has to hang his own son.

Besides Ranbir Kapoor, the film also casts Sharat Saxena, Milind Joshi, and Sushovan Banerjee. The film is directed by Abhay Chopra, who has said that he got the idea for the story during the capital punishment of Dhananjay Chatterjee for the rape and murder of Hetal Parekh. He also added that every time any big case that gets national media attention comes to light, the debate on capital punishment gets fueled. Abhay Chopra also said that he has fond memories of working with Ranbir Kapoor.

Filmkaravan, in association with Youtube, sponsors the Bandra Film Festival. Due to the digital platform, the films can reach a great number of viewers and also support the filmmakers.

In addition to ‘Karma’, the festival also features two other films in the category named ‘A Thin Wall’, which is a documentary based on the partition, and ‘Backdrop’, a short movie which depicts the Wagah border ceremony which is directed by Mara Ahmed and Nyay Bhushan respectively.

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