Director vs. Producer, Ranveer Singh’s Anniyan Remake Landed in Legal Trouble Even Before It’s Filming – Know Why

Tamil film, Anniyan producer Ascar Ravichandran has filed a lawsuit against director Shankar and producer Jayantilal Gada over Anniyan’s Hindi remake starring Ranveer Singh. He filed the complaint against Shankar with the SIFCC (South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce), which he believes will back him up.

Shankar along with Gada had announced that they would remake the film with Ranveer Singh in the lead in around April this year. After this, Ravichandran, who produced the Tamil film with superstar Vikram said he was shocked that without his knowledge, a film remake was announced. Adding further he said, “It must be the first time that something like this has happened in our cinema.” He also spoke to ETimes, saying, “ I am going to court against Shankar and Gada. They cannot make the film without my consent as I own the copyright of the film and no other person has the right over it as I am the author of the movie.”

Ravichandran further added, “He (Shankar) can say and claim anything, but everyone knows that Anniyan is my movie and I hired him to direct the film”. He also claimed that SIFCC has been supporting him on this matter.

Responding to Ravichandran, the Anniyan director hit back saying, “Given that the script vests with me, I am entitled to exploit the same in any manner I deem fit. In fact, you/your entity does not have the right to remake or make any derivative rights for Anniyan, as the said rights have not been granted to you in writing. In the absence of any assignment in writing from me, there can be no basis whatsoever to even assert that the ‘storyline’ vests with you.”

Ravichandran is reportedly moving to the High Court against director Shankar.

Anniyan is a movie that revolves around a person with Multiple Personality Disorder and his own brand of social justice.

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